Bindu Shajan

"Amounts to duplication, additional expense"

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Medical Council's re-registration drive for doctors in the Capital has run into trouble with physicians complaining about duplication and additional expense that this new requirement has imposed on them.

The DMC Act requires that doctors working in Delhi re-register with the State Council every five years at a registration fee of Rs. 1,000.

Discontentment among doctors over the additional "paper work" has been brewing for a while now, but with the Medical Council of India stating that once a doctor is registered with the MCI or any State Medical Council there is no need to re-register with any Council, doctors at least in the Capital seem to have found a strong ally.

The MCI has in a reply to a Right to Information Act enquiry noted: "As per Section 27 of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956, once a candidate is registered with the MCI or any State Medical Council, there is no need to re-register with any Council."

The letter signed by MCI secretary A.R.N. Setalvad added: "Subject to the conditions and restrictions laid down in this Act, every person whose name is for the time being borne on the Indian Medical Registrar shall be entitled according to his qualifications to practice as a medical practitioner in any part of India."

Jacob Puliyel, Head of Paediatrics at Delhi's St. Stephen's Hospital, said: "Doctors feel that this is a cumbersome and an elaborate exercise to make money."

"After a doctor has registered with the MCI and the State Council once, why should he get re-registered? Also, doctors do inform State Councils when they shift and re-register as per requirements, but re-registering while staying at one place is a waste," he added.

Delhi Medical Council Registrar R.N. Baishya said: "Doctors have to re-register after every five years as per the norms of the DMC Act. We are yet to receive any complaint."