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Traffic marshals, DMRC personnel deployed round-the-clock

Five of the 12 concrete segments removed

Disentangling of the launcher parts difficult

NEW DELHI: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation officials on Monday were engaged in the uphill task of clearing the debris at the mishap site in Laxmi Nagar where a launcher and concrete slabs had came crashing down on Sunday.

The clearing work undertaken included extrication of two cars from the wreckage and removal of dismantled parts of the launcher. Despite official claims of 90 per cent of the launcher debris being removed, a considerable portion of it still remained trapped under the wreckage.

According to DMRC, traffic marshals and DMRC personnel have been deployed at the site round-the-clock. Five of the 12 concrete segments had been removed by Monday evening.

Meanwhile, traffic continued to be diverted at Laxmi Nagar T-point crossing to allow clearing of the debris.

A traffic police officer deputed on the site said: “Traffic from Karkari Mor to Shakarpur Chungi is continuing as before on one side. However, traffic from Shakarpur to Karkari Mor has been diverted at Laxmi Nagar T-point via Mother Dairy instead of being allowed to head straight from the crossing. The diversion would affect mainly traffic coming from Jheel, Shahdara and Anand Vihar. This arrangement will continue till the debris is cleared.”

Though DMRC claimed that 10 cranes had been deployed and 15 trailers, five hydras and 20 cutting sets were being used for removal of debris at the site, only three cranes were visible at the accident site on Monday afternoon.

According to Metro workers at the site, the disentangling of the launcher parts was turning out to be a time-consuming process that was contributing to the delay.

“To be able to remove the launcher pieces we first have to cut the grills with a gas cutter and then lift each sub-piece onto the trailer with the help of a crane. Laxmi Nagar being a narrow area, we are unable to bring in too many cranes for the purpose,” he added.

‘Business suffering’

Shopkeepers in the area also expressed concern over the slow pace of works hampering their business during the peak Diwali shopping season.

Sunit Mehta, who works in a garments showroom near the site, said: “Looking at the way things are going, I think it will take two more days to remove the debris. Already our business has suffered because one side of the traffic flow to the market has been blocked to facilitate the clearing operation.”

“Now we are scared to even walk under the bridge,” he added. To ensure safety of passers-by, the Metro has cordoned off the accident site with ropes. However, a few curious onlookers continued to crowd the site. Apart from Metro workers, men from the police and civil defence were also seen assisting in the repair work. The police have closed down about 50 shops on either side of the road to facilitate clearing of the debris. “The shops will remain closed till the clearing operation is completed,” they said.