The Delhi Development Authority on Thursday announced that it has started online booking of all its sites, parks and community halls in keeping with public demand and to streamline the booking procedure by introducing a transparent process.

DDA Engineer Member and Officiating Vice-Chairman Ashok Khurana launched the online booking facility. The agency said it expects that the system will ensure that those booking the sites will not have to visit the DDA office anymore.

The DDA’s hosting this new facility. A person can book a location, 30 days in advance, and on first-come-first-serve basis at a nominal charge with the required security deposit.

The list of all DDA sites, parks and community halls has been posted online. The availability of any site can be seen online and the public is not required to visit any DDA office to inquire about the same.

The rates are also published on the website and the applicant can calculate the required booking charges using the online application.

Payment can be deposited in the DDA’s accounts from anywhere in the world through RTGS/NEFT facility and after making payment using online banking facilities, the payment details need to be uploaded online. The status of the booking can also be viewed online. The booking status and confirmation status both will be intimated to the applicant through e-mail.

In open spaces, commercial ventures like clearance sales and exhibitions will be charged a daily rent of Rs.34,610. For marriages and school functions, the rent would be Rs.5,324 per day per 1,000 square metres.

For religious and socio-religious functions, the parks would be available at nominal rates.