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Impact would be felt only after Ministry approves them

  • `Residential units would pay a one-time registration fee'
  • The charges will have to be paid every year to the local body
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  • NEW DELHI: The Delhi Development Authority has approved the regularisation charges that will have to be paid by the owners of commercial establishments operating from residential areas.

    Their impact would, however, be felt only after the Urban Development Ministry approves of them and if the Supreme Court would approve of commercialisation of 2,183 new roads in Delhi as per the amendments to the Master Plan for Delhi-2001.

    As per the new charges, decided upon at the DDA meeting at Raj Niwas, the residential units in plotted colonies, which come under mixed land use or intended mixed land use category, would be required to pay a one-time registration fee. Likewise, Rs.1,000 will have to be paid for registration of retail shops, Rs.500 for other activities and Rs.250 for professional activities. Mixed land use charges will also have to be paid every year to the local body. In category A and B colonies, the regularisation charge for retail shops will be Rs.2,300 per square metre of built-up area while in C and D category colonies it will be Rs.1,533 per square metre, and in F and G category colonies it will be Rs.575 per square metre.

    The annual mixed used charge for other categories will be Rs.1,150 per square metre in A and B, Rs.767 per square metre in C and D, and Rs.288 per square metre in E, F and G.

    For professional activities, these charges will be Rs.575 per square metre, Rs.383 per square metre and Rs.144 per square metre in these three categories respectively.

    The DDA will also levy a special conversion charge -- which will be equal to twice the annual mixed land use charge and have to be paid annually -- for allowing commercial use in residential premises on the upper floor on notified commercial streets. A fixed one-time cost for development of parking facility in mixed land use areas will have to be paid under which shopkeepers in A and B category colonies will shell out Rs.2,10,500, Rs.1,49, 750 in C and D category and Rs.66,500 in E, F and G category for every 50 square metre of built-up area.