For the first time in their lives, six street children will perform alongside 17 professional dancers at Kamani Auditorium here this Friday.

“Anurakti: From Street to Stage Hope for the Streetizens” will be an amalgamation of Hindustani classical and hip-hop dance.

Coming under one roof, the artistes will make an attempt at creating a unique piece which explores contemporary dance with new dimensions of lighting and multi-media. It will be abstract but the storytelling will seek to explore questions like why some children need to beg for their skills and can citizens help them to realise their dreams.

According to Bhavini, who is choreographing the performance, the dance production has been conceptualised to capture the journey of hope, despair, pain and conviction as it journeys through the lives of little boys and girls who dance and beg on the streets and whose only dream is to become accomplished dancers who can perform on the stage.

“This year, I came across some street children performing gymnastics near the Moolchand Hospital. I immediately took them under my wings.

In 2002, my two friends and I shared a dream of working for physically challenged and orphaned children. Unfortunately, they were killed in a car accident. So I have been trying in my own little way to help these children stand on their own feet.”

She is in touch with a non-government organisation working for the marginalised children. “The idea is to provide these underprivileged children education in a school in the Capital or the National Capital Region.”