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DMRC urges people to maintain etiquette while disembarking, boarding

NEW DELHI: Unruly crowds at Delhi Metro railway stations have derailed the ambitious crowd management initiative launched by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation in February. Having failed to get commuters to toe the line, the DMRC has now issued a public appeal, urging people to maintain etiquette while disembarking and boarding.

The DMRC had started a queue system for boarding and de-boarding Metro trains on a trial basis. Disturbed by the failure of the programme that was launched as a pilot project at the Rajiv Chowk station in Connaught Place, DMRC Managing Director E. Sreedharan has issued a public appeal to commuters.

Pointing out that the Metro Rail is "far behind other cities" as far as discipline is concerned, Mr. Sreedharan said: "There is a lack of passenger etiquette at the stations. Very often we witness incidents of pushing and shoving as commuters try to enter and exit the trains at the same time. This causes inconvenience to all concerned, and creates a very poor image about the people of the city."

To rein in crowds, the DMRC had drawn lines on the platform for people to queue up along. The method had been evolved after commuters' movement at various stations was studied and discussed with experts. But with the commuters in no mood to queue up, the authorities have been compelled to come up with an alternative.

The DMRC appeal, which is aimed at ensuring hassle-free entry and exit, added: "On our part, we are trying our best to regulate passenger movement at stations by making repeated announcements. I would like to appeal to the citizens of Delhi to allow passengers to first alight from trains before boarding. I assure you that the trains will not leave before all those on the platforms are aboard or the trains become full."