Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court has upheld the conviction of a woman by a lower court for the murder of a child on the ground of an “extra-judicial” confession by her before prosecution witnesses and family of the deceased and the recovery of the victim’s body at her instance from her kitchen in Tilak Nagar here 21 years ago. According to the prosecution, Rajwant Kaur had strangulated Shunty as she was opposed to one of his aunts getting married to a person she did not like. Upholding the conviction, a Division Bench of the Court comprising Justice S. K. Kaul and Justice Ajit Bharihoke said: “The prosecution has been able to firmly establish that the appellant got the dead body of Shunty recovered from the parchhatti of the kitchen in her house and that she also made an extra-judicial confession in the presence of three prosecution witnesses confessing that she had killed the deceased by strangulation”.

“The extra-judicial confession further finds corroboration from the post-mortem report wherein the doctor concerned had opined that there were ligature marks around the neck of the deceased and his death was due to asphyxia consequent upon strangulation,” the Bench held. “The aforesaid circumstances, in our considered view, form a complete chain so as to conclusively point towards the guilt of the appellant and rules out any possibility of her being innocent. Thus we do not find any infirmity in the impugned judgment of conviction and the order on sentence. The appeal, being devoid of merits, is accordingly dismissed,” The Bench said. The Bench later cancelled the convict’s bail and surety and asked the Delhi police to take her into custody to undergo the remainder of her sentence.