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NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court on Friday directed a private school at Safdarjung Enclave here to permit a dyslexic student to attend classes till further orders.

The school authorities had asked the Class IX student to continue his studies through open school after he passed out of Class VII. He had been diagnosed with dyslexia in 2007.

He has been in the school, St. Mary's, since Class I. He was enrolled there in 2000.

The boy's father in his petition seeking a direction to the school management to allow his son to attend classes submitted that he had participated in various co-curricular activities in the school and when he was promoted to Class VIII his report card mentioned that the he was gentle, polite and friendly.

Before moving the Court, the child's father had lodged a complaint with the State Directorate of Education against the school management, and the Deputy Director had asked the management to allow the boy to attend classes but the order was not complied with.

Multiple challenges

While passing the direction to the school management, Justice Kailash Gambhir said, “School poses multiple challenges for students with dyslexia, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and such other disorders, but it is the responsibility of the school to provide a friendly and conducive environment to channelise their energies so that such children can successfully thrive in the classroom.”

“They are to be handled with great compassion, sensitivity and offered support by the school, and not to be treated in such an abrasive manner like the respondent school has done,” Justice Gambhir added.

Referring to the difficulties faced by the parents of such children, Justice Gambhir said: “The parents of such children already have an arduous task and schools are expected to make concerted efforts to share acclivitous job and not subject them to their administrative tyranny leaving them in the lurch.”