In search of their 20-month-old daughter, who was allegedly kidnapped by a relative in Bihar last August, a couple from Delhi have been closely coordinating with the Bihar Police for the past seven months.

Ajay Pandey, a resident of Rohini Sector-2 in the Capital, said the incident took place on August 20 last year when his wife had gone to a hospital in Wazirganj area of Bihar for a medical check-up of their daughter. “We had gone to Patna to attend my brother's wedding, after which my wife went to her parents along with the child. On August 20, she took the baby to hospital where her sister's brother-in-law met her and took the child away on the pretext of getting her some eatables. But he never returned,” said Ajay, a tutor by profession.

When the girl's parents contacted accused Pawan over the phone, he claimed that he would return the child soon. Through a text message, he once asked them to meet him at a railway station in Patna. However, he did not turn up. He later claimed that he had sold off the child to someone and then went underground. “We provided his mobile phone number to the police, but they have not been able to trace him,” said Ajay.

Ajay requested the local police to question the parents of the accused to know his whereabouts. “We suspect that he is in regular contact with his family. But the police did not question his parents properly. We also arranged the mobile phone number of Pawan's roommate, but in vein,” said the distraught father.

The family also met senior police officers, who took the matter seriously and directed the local police to speed up that search operation. “Almost seven months have elapsed and they are still unable to trace a person who has taken away my daughter. Apprehending the worst, my wife has gone into a depression and her condition is deteriorating,” said Ajay.