In a brawl that erupted here between two group of friends, the sons of high-ranking police officers shot at each other in a restaurant, followed by a street fight leaving three injured. One is in serious condition.

The incident, which took place around midnight on Sunday night, was caught on camera. The two groups, who had consumed alcohol, got into an argument over seats in Satkar restaurant, during which Pankaj Shukla (32), son of Varanasi DSP D.P Shukla, shot at Vivek Singh (30), lawyer and son of an ex-DSP, police said. Singh was shot in the jaw, they added. There was retaliatory firing which injured Pankaj Shukla and another person. Later the two groups got into a street fight near Allahabad railway station.

According to Shahganj Police, three persons, including Shukla and Singh, were admitted to hospital for treatment. No one has been arrested so far.

  • Fight erupted over seats in a restaurant

  • Snowballs into street fight near railway station