The police on Saturday opened fire on a group of men after they allegedly tried to attack two beat staff members with knives. The incident left two policemen and an accused, who got hit by bullets, injured. A senior police officer said the incident happened when head constable Balwan and constable Surajbhan had gone to arrest one suspect after receiving a tip-off. When they reached the place where the suspect was to arrive, they spotted a group of five to six armed men and asked them to come to the police station.

“Among them was Rahul Sharma, who has several criminal cases registered against him. The policemen signalled them to accompany them to the police station but they reacted by attacking Balwan and Surajbhan with knives and sticks they were carrying. After injuring the two policemen they tried to flee but Balwan took out his pistol and fired two rounds in the air to warn them,” said the officer.

When the men did not pay heed to the warning shots and kept running, the policemen fired at the absconding men. Three of the shots hit Rahul on his hand and thigh. The police personnel also overpowered and nabbed his accomplice Mohit.

Rahul and the two injured policemen were later sent to a nearby hospital where the three are under treatment while Mohit is being questioned about those who fled the scene, said the police.