Anita Joshua

NEW DELHI: Eager to bridge the divide between Telangana and Andhra-Rayalaseema members in Parliament and the Assembly, the Congress central leadership is planning to convene a joint meeting once tempers over the proposed bifurcation of the State cool down.

This exercise comes after the Congress itself institutionalised the divide by calling the Telangana and Andhra-Rayalaseema MPs separately for meetings on the vexed issue, which has been hanging fire for well over a week now.

Since last week, the two groups have been meeting the senior leadership of the government and the Congress separately almost on a daily basis. Even on Wednesday, Andhra-Rayalaseema MPs met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee. And, Telangana MPs met Dr. Singh.

With these meetings held under media glare and every round raising expectations of some formula to break the deadlock, Congress president Sonia Gandhi is understood to have sent across a clear message that such deliberations are not needed any further until peace returns to the State.

No purpose is being served by these meetings, as nothing new is being said by either side, a senior Congress leader said. At the same time, each meeting is reported by the media and adds to the confusion.