Proceedings to make Gopal Kanda’s former aide Chanshivroop Singh an approver in the Geetika Sharma suicide case were dropped on Thursday after his failure to appear in court to formally accept the terms of the “conditional pardon” that was proposed to be granted to him.

Earlier, the police had arrested Chanshivroop Singh, an assistant manager in Kanda's MDLR Group, alleging that Geetika lost her job at Emirates Airlines after he visited Dubai, at the behest of Mr. Kanda, and told the airlines that she had secured a job with MDLR on the basis of fake and forged documents.

The police had also alleged that Chanshivroop sent a crude, badly-phrased email to Geetika allegedly at the behest of Mr. Kanda threatening her with extradition to Dubai, in order to pressurise her to rejoin MDLR.

Chanshivroop was released on bail and had recorded his statement on November 27 as a witness before a magisterial court after he expressed his wish to become an approver. After examining his statement, the prosecution said it had no objection of the court granted him pardon.

Noting that the prosecution case was based upon circumstantial evidence, that Chanshivroop played “only a minor role”, and that his testimony can be helpful to strengthen the prosecution case during trial, Metropolitan Magistrate D. K. Jangala had given a “conditional pardon” to him on December 5.

The court had directed Chanshivroop to appear in person on December 7 and accept the terms of the conditional pardon and have his statement recorded as a witness.

But following Chanshivroop’s failure to appear in courts on two dates despite issuing of notice to him, Mr. Jangala on Thursday directed the investigating officer to proceed against Chanshivroop as per law.