National Integration Council member and All-India Christian Council general secretary John Dayal has written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh pointing out the deficiencies in the enumeration process of the ongoing national census on caste.

He said that unless corrected, the enumeration would lead to falsification of data and would seriously impact the interests of the Christian community. “It would also adversely affect the rights of those who trace their origins to Dalit and OBC groups,” he added.

Caste ignored

Mr. Dayal cited his own example where two enumerators asked him about his religion but ignored to ask his caste. He was also not questioned about the religion of every individual member of his family. According to Mr. Dayal, this pointed to a presumption that everyone in the family shared the same faith. He said that this was a lapse, since in many urban families, there may be spouses, sons-in-law or daughters-in-law who are tribals, OBCs or of Dalit origin.

According to Dayal, the failure to enquire about the caste of those declaring Christianity as their religion would skew statistical computations and prevent the Registrar General of India from determining the caste diversity in the Christian community.