With the festival season kicking in, a colourful and message giving magic show for special children was performed by magician Prof. B. Kamesh on Thursday at LTG Auditorium here.

The show focussed on the importance of helping special children and also included performances on values such as justice, liberty, national integration, literacy and communal harmony.

Prof. Kamesh presented scintillating tricks that thrilled the audience. He made an impressive entry with electrifying costumes and a walking stick that instantly turned into the Indian tricolour. Kamesh also produced lollypops and distributed them to children.

The magician painted the picture of Lord Ganesh which eventually saw the audience echoing ‘Ganesh ki jai’. A slogan, ‘freedom is incomplete without social justice’ was also designed by the magician from the lines which dignitaries had scribbled on slates earlier.