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Transit camps for people evacuated from buildings being rebuilt

MCD planning to hold a survey of Old Delhi, where most dangerous buildings are situated

Any resident who spots a building requiring urgent attention can directly contact the MCD

NEW DELHI: The Chairman of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi Standing Committee, Vijender Gupta, on Friday said the civic body would take all steps to minimise risk to the public from old and dangerous buildings.

Addressing a press conference, Mr. Gupta said the MCD would ask the Delhi Government for land to build transit camps for people evacuated from buildings that are being renovated or demolished. The evacuees would continue to stay in the camp till new dwellings are constructed for them.

Deputy Commissioner (City) Vijay Singh said any resident who spots a building requiring urgent attention can directly contact the MCD with a photograph and a hand-drawn map of the building, following which the civic body would send its engineers to the spot for the needful.

While admitting that some MCD engineers indulged in unethical activities, the Deputy Commissioner said now people could bring their renovation problems directly to him.

Mr. Gupta said the MCD was planning to launch a thorough survey of Old Delhi, the place where he claimed most dangerous buildings were situated, to determine the status of dilapidated structures that may require demolition or repair.

After the survey, derelict buildings would be served immediate notices. The survey would be conducted with help from the local Councillor, residents’ welfare associations, traders’ associations, and the general public.

The civic body has also issued pamphlets in Hindi, English and Urdu to raise awareness among citizens of the Walled City about various construction processes that individuals could carry out on their establishments without prior permission from the MCD.

“Plastering, re-flooring and re-roofing does not require permission from us. This is in accordance with the MCD building by-laws,” said Mr. Gupta.