The Delhi High Court judges and lawyers on Friday bid a solemn adieu to Delhi High Court Chief Justice Darmar Murugesan who acquitted himself well during his eight-month-long tenure.

Always accessible to media persons, Justice Murugesan is scheduled to retire on June 8. As the Court has on gone a month-long summer vacation from June 1, the farewell function was organised on Friday itself in the Court premises.

Justice Murugesan was sworn in as the Court Chief Justice in September last year.

The first graduate from a farmer’s family, Justice Murugesan, whose parents had not even completed Class 1 in school, said: “My parents taught me discipline, to be humble and compassionate; and my wife, daughters, in-laws and grand children never interfered in my judicial function.”

Counting the qualities of a good judge, Justice Murugesan said they “include wisdom, courage, firmness, alertness, incorruptibility and the gifts of sympathy and insight.”

“I firmly belief that the greatest strength of the judiciary is the faith of the people in it,” Justice Murugesan opined.

Though he got a very short tenure but during that very brief period he made a mark for himself by suo motu taking up for hearing the gang-rape of the physiotherapy student last year and registering his strong displeasure over the failure of the Delhi Police to prevent it.

Delhi High Court Bar Association president, A. S. Chandhiok, in his address said that Justice Murugesan had given ample opportunities to the lawyers to argue their cases.

Though during the last days of his tenure, there was a face-off between the bar and the Bench over the pecuniary jurisdiction of the High Court for filing suits, it was amicably settled at the intervention of the Chief Justice.