Superintendents and inspectors of the Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) in Mumbai have launched an agitation demanding promotions and better working conditions. The Central Excise Superintendents’ Association (CESA) has also threatened mass resignations on April 30 if its demands are not met.

About 1,100 superintendents and 1,400 inspectors of the Central Excise & Service Tax wing of the CBEC here collect service tax amounting to nearly Rs.30,000 crore a year, the maximum in the country, and around Rs.30,000 crore a year as excise duty.

“In spite of working for 35-37 years in the department, we are promoted only once, that is, from the grade of Inspector to Superintendent, and that too, after almost 20 years in service. We are not promoted to the upper grade like other Central departments,” said CESA Bombay general secretary A. K. Samsal.As part of a nationwide agitation, officers held demonstrations outside the office of the Chief Commissioner, Central Excise and Commissioner of Service Tax here on Friday.