Northern Railway has provided closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system at important stations in Delhi to help security personnel monitor the activities at railway stations for providing security to passengers and other customers.

The CCTV cameras have been provided at platforms and circulating area and the footage of surveillance cameras is made available in the Central Control room which is manned by security personnel round the clock. The recording of the footage is stored digitally for future analysis.

In addition to 12 stations in Delhi, the CCTV surveillance system has also been provided at eight locations of major stations of Northern Railway.

Looking into the usefulness of CCTV surveillance system, the same has now been extended to Passenger Reservation System (PRS) centres as well to keep vigil on the activities of unauthorised personnel.

The same has so far been provided at 14 centres in Delhi and 15 PRS centres outside Delhi.

The footage of CCTV surveillance system has been extended up to Northern Railway Head Quarters Office, Baroda House, New Delhi and made available to senior officers who can also monitor the activities at stations and PRS centres.

The CCTV surveillance has facilitated better management in providing safety and security to passengers. Northern Railway is planning to provide CCTV surveillance system at other major stations in a phased manner.