Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Several Class XII students who appeared for Mathematics paper in the CBSE examination here on Saturday found the question paper easy but lengthy.

“The paper was not tough, but it was quite long. I kept writing till the end and just managed to complete it in time. There was one question that I found very tough and due to paucity of time I could not even attempt that question,” said Pranjal Patni, a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya in R.K. Puram Sector 2.

There were some who finished the paper comfortably.

“The paper was so easy that I completed it in 1hour 15 minutes before the scheduled time. I am expecting cent per cent marks,” said Payod Panda. Some students also appeared confused about a problem on Linear Programming.

“The answer to the question on Linear Programming came out in fractions, while in all such problems that we have practised so far the answer is normally a whole number. So we were a little unsure of it,” said Aniruddh Jammoria of CRPF Public School in Rohini. “Though I finished my paper easily, some of my friends who had got other sets could not complete,” he added.