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‘The sentiments of the Sikh community have been offended’

NEW DELHI: Delhi BJP president Harsh Vardhan on Saturday said that by giving a clean chit to Congress leader Jagdish Tytler in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots case, the Central Bureau of Investigation has lost its credibility. “The sentiments of the Sikh community have been offended due to it and people who were waiting for justice for the last 24 years have been disappointed,” he said.

Stating that “the Justice Nanavati Commission had also found Mr. Tytler to be the likely accused person in this case and had asked for lodging a case against him”, Dr. Vardhan said thereafter he was also been dismissed from the Union Cabinet in 2005.

Following the Commission report, the CBI had lodged a case against Mr. Tytler in November 2005. “Weak evidence was prepared deliberately so that the evidence may not stand in court,” Dr. Vardhan charged, adding that “`now the CBI has decided to close the case it had started”. “The basis of decision is that there is no sufficient evidence in the cases of the murder of Sikhs, riots and arson. The CBI has made all the preparations to give Mr. Tytler a clean chit on this basis. They have deliberately made preparations so that the Congress leaders may be proved innocent,” he charged.

Describing the development as “unfortunate”, he said the CBI had lost its credibility . “This is the same CBI which had given Ottavio Quattrochi, an accused in the Bofors case, an opportunity to withdraw money from his account and to get away from Argentina,” he added.