For allegedly impersonating as an officer of the CBI

The Central Bureau of Investigation on Saturday filed a charge sheet in a Delhi court against an Army man for allegedly impersonating as an officer of the probe agency to demand Rs.50 lakh from a lieutenant-general to close a disproportionate assets case against the senior officer. The probe agency sought prosecution of Naib Subedar A. K. Singh from the court under various provisions of the Indian Penal Code including those relating to the charge of cheating for impersonation.

Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Kaveri Baweja put the charge sheet for consideration on August 21.

A. K. Singh allegedly impersonated as Kailash Bisht, a CBI inspector, and accepted Rs.7 lakh from Lt-Gen Jagdish Chander as initial token amount for settling a case relating to possession of disproportionate assets by the senior Army officer.

“The accused made a phone call to the Army officer to demand Rs.50 lakh posing himself as Kailash Bisht,” the CBI alleged. A. K. Singh, 45, was caught on May 15 last year in a trap by CBI sleuths while allegedly taking the money from Gen. Chander. The probe agency had also recovered an identity card from his possession issued by the Defence Ministry.

The accused used to act as one of the source persons and informers for CBI officers and had details of the probe being held against Gen. Chander. Gen. Chander lodged a complaint with the CBI on May 14 last year after receiving calls from A. K. Singh. - PTI