Fugitive in most wanted list given to Pakistan found in Mumbai jail

An inspector of police has been suspended and a Superintendent of Police and a Deputy SP of Delhi's Interpol wing transferred following the second goof-up in the “50 Most Wanted” list of fugitives given to Pakistan. Feroz Abdul Khan, who figures in the list, is lodged in Mumbai's Arthur Road Jail.

CBI spokesperson Dharini Mishra toldThe Hinduon Thursday night that the action followed a preliminary inquiry.

However, Feroz Abdul Khan's name still figures in the CBI's list of most wanted persons against whom Interpol Red Corner Notices had been issued. In his case, the Red Corner Notice, issued in 1994, was given as bearing the number A-344/B-1994. Official sources said that his name would be taken off the list by the agency.

Embarrassed at the latest goof-up and callousness shown by the security and intelligence agencies, top Home Ministry sources said the list of “50 most wanted'' fugitives was being reviewed.

The Home Ministry spokesperson said the CBI had conveyed to the Ministry on Thursday evening that the lapse had occurred at the agency's end.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) was also running a re-check on the 10 names it had given for inclusion in the “50 most wanted'' list. Official sources in the Home Ministry claimed that all the 10 terror accused whose names were given by the NIA were suspected to be living in Pakistan.

Only on Wednesday, Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram had admitted to a “genuine mistake'' in including the name of terror accused Khan Wazhul Kamar in the “50 most wanted'' list as he was found to be living in Thane, a suburb of Mumbai. The Home Minister had attributed the oversight to the Mumbai police and also a “lapse'' on the part of the Intelligence Bureau.

The second goof-up, a day later, has only exposed the chinks in the country's security establishment where multiple agencies have shown utter lack of coordination and showing their terror-fighting apparatus in poor light.

The second instance is sure to provide further ammunition to the Opposition to target the Union Government and the Home Ministry.

  • Inspector suspended, SP and DSP transferred

  • “50 Most Wanted” list now being reviewed