Haryana Chief Secretary Urvashi Gulati on Thursday exhorted the people to supplement governmental efforts in checking the declining sex ratio and saving the girl child.

Speaking at the Fortis Nanhi Chhaan Celebrations organised by Fortis Hospital at Mohali near here, she said though both Punjab and Haryana were progressive States, the sex ratio had deteriorated alarmingly in both in the past few years.

It was widely belived that education brought about a change in the mind-set of society, led to development in real terms and educated people adopted small family norms. Unfortunately this was not so as the preference of male child overruled everything, she added.

Ms. Gulati said the adverse sex ratio of 853 females to 1,000 males in Haryana as per Census 2001 was a matter of big concern. The present Haryana Government, in power since 2005, took many steps to deal with this challenge and to establish a healthy sex ratio, she claimed. The PNDT Act was being strictly implemented and 131 ultrasound machines had been seized and sealed by the respective District Appropriate Authorities and 53 prosecution complaints had been filed so far in various courts against the violators. In all, 23 doctors and other persons had been convicted under the PNDT Act and two persons had been convicted under the MTP Act.