A 35-year-old businessman was found murdered inside his house in Gandhi Nagar here on Saturday.

Sheikh Sattar, who owned a readymade garments shop, was found strangled to death inside his second-floor house in Multan Muhallah in the morning with hands and legs tied up. “One of his employees, Anwar, came to meet him in the morning, but there was no response to his repeated knocks at the door. Anwar also found that the door to other houses in the building were bolted from outside. At this, he made a call to the Police Control Room. The police broke open the door and found Sheikh dead and the house ransacked,” said a senior police officer.

Sheikh's wife Nargis and two sons are in Kolkata to attend a marriage. The police suspect the involvement of one of the deceased's tenants, Zaheer, who is absconding. Zaheer had not paid the rent for over a year and recently had an altercation with Sheikh over this.