Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission is organising a hearing this Friday on the show-cause notice issued to power distribution company BRPL for load-shedding carried out this past June.

The DERC had issued the show-cause notice to BRPL under Section 128 of the Electricity Act, 2003, to investigate rampant load-shedding carried out by the company.

The Commission has also deputed a committee to ascertain the security audit of the SCADA system of BRPL and verification of load-shedding data from the SCADA system maintained separately for the month of June.

The committee has been assigned to verify the data submitted by BRPL with the data available on the SCADA system of the company to examine the “correctness and appropriateness” of the data submitted by them to the DERC. The committee will also carry out verification of transaction logs, archives logsand application logs of the SCADA system to ascertain whether any interference with data has been recorded and to ascertain the actual quantum of load-shedding carried out by the company in June. Following widespread public complaints about inflated electricity bills, DERC has also appointed STQC, Electronics Niketan, to carry out the functional testing of billing software currently being used by BRPL and BYPL.