Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Unable to bear the bone-chilling December-end cold, a vagabond allegedly killed a 15-year-old boy sleeping on a footpath for his blanket on New Rohtak Road here in the early hours of this past Monday. The accused has been arrested.

Sonu sold cigarettes from a make-shift counter at a bus shelter near Jeevan Mala Hospital and slept on the footpath.

On Monday when his mother Munni Devi came to meet him, she found his body in a pool of blood.

Based on her complaint, a murder case was registered at the Desh Bandhu Gupta Road police station. Preliminary investigations revealed that a new blanket belonging to the victim was missing.

Circumstantial evidence suggested that someone, presumably a vagabond, had murdered Sonu for the blanket.

A hunt was launched. The police finally came across a man sleeping outside a temple near Ajmal Khan Park with the blanket and picked him up for questioning. He was identified as Sharvan, a rag-picker.

During interrogation, Sharvan purportedly confessed to having murdered Sonu. On the fateful night, he was looking for a way to protect himself from the biting cold when he spotted Sonu sleeping with a blanket.

Sharvan tried to ease the blanket away, but Sonu woke up and recognised him as he used to buy beedis from him. The boy raised an alarm, at which the accused hit him on his head with a brick and ran away with the blanket.