The Rajewal faction of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) has announced its programme to launch a State-wide campaign to create awareness and organise public opinion against growing drug addiction in Punjab, especially in the rural areas.

Talking to reporters, BKU(R) chief Balbir Singh Rajewal said that the campaign would be launched on December 12, when the union has convened a special session. After reaching out to every village across the State, the BKU(R) would compile the data and release its report in March, when every day they would disclose the names of the drug peddlers, their patrons and police officers providing protection to the contraband trade, especially in the districts.

Mr Rajewal said that outfit would seek co-operation from farmers, social and political organisations to make the drive a success. He said that as it would not be possible to organise workers and supporters during the winter months for any mass action to seek justice for the farmers, the BKU has decided to concentrate its energies on this vital issue that threatened generations. The BKU expects major support from the women, who have been main suffers due to the growing malice.

Mr Rajewal said that the union would also seek to create a public opinion and appeal to the State government to identify other sources of revenue apart from excise of liquor.

The BKU was of the opinion that as the frontline political parties did not have a viable political agenda to attract voters, they had resorted to use of intoxicants for wooing the people. The organisation feared that the forthcoming elections to the village panchayats would once again provide an opportunity for a free flow of liquor, narcotics and other intoxicants.