Senior BJP leader L.K. Advani on Saturday said the political atmosphere in the country was ideal for the party to get “record-breaking results” with the Congress-led government failing to tackle corruption and price rise.

At the BJP Scheduled Caste Front National Executive here, he said the political situation was never more favourable for the BJP. “Looking at the confidence of the SC Morcha workers here, I am sure that we will achieve record-breaking results in the Lok Sabha elections,” Mr. Advani said.

Referring to the surveys published in some newspapers on Saturday, he said usually such polls were “prejudiced” against the BJP. But this time, even these surveys showed that the party would win the elections.

Predicting early polls, the BJP leader said the Lok Sabha elections and the Assembly polls due this year would be over by April 2014.

“We have not experienced so many elections — in 6-7 States and the Lok Sabha elections — in such a short span,” he said.