Madhya Pradesh Congress president Kantilal Bhuria on Monday said that even leaders of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party in the State now feel that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan did nothing but make announcements which were never implemented.

“The Congress has been saying that the Chief Minister is an expert in making meaningless announcements but now even BJP leaders have begun stating this,” said Mr. Bhuria.

Mr. Bhuria said that recently BJP Rajya Sabha member Raghunandan Sharma had at a function in Ujjain remarked that Madhya Pradesh Ministers were experts in making announcements and Mr. Chauhan was their chief. Following this, he added, Mr. Sharma was stripped of the post of Madhya Pradesh BJP vice-president but the BJP MP has so far not retracted his statement.

Even Urban Development Minister Babulal Gaur was reported to have said that there was no government worth its name in Madhya Pradesh, he said.

According to one survey, Mr. Bhuria said, Madhya Pradesh has now achieved the dubious distinction of being the most corrupt State in the country. “Despite this,” he added, “the ruling BJP never tires of claiming that it is doing very good work in all spheres!”

Mr. Bhuria said the state of malnutrition in Madhya Pradesh was alarming and the government was not doing anything about it.

“Recently the government spent crores of rupees on Madhya Pradesh Day celebrations while this money could have well been spent on important development work,” he added. - PTI