“People would be forced to pay higher taxes to meet extra expenses”

The Delhi BJP on Sunday criticised the demand of the Delhi Government for trifurcation of Municipal Corporation of Delhi stating that such a move would only lead to greater chaos and compromise the delivery of services.

Speaking at the inauguration of a road project in Rohini, Delhi BJP president Vijender Gupta said the statement of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit only showed that the Congress Government in Delhi believed in politics of opportunism. “If she was so confident about the justification of the trifurcation of MCD, then why did she not take the people of Delhi into confidence This is only an exercise to take political advantage and a move to divert the attention of the people of Delhi from the bungling of thousands of crores in Commonwealth Games,” he charged.

Mr. Gupta also demanded that the Central Government should keep in mind the interests of the people of Delhi before taking a decision on the trifurcation of MCD.


The BJP leader also cautioned the people of Delhi to be prepared to pay higher taxes and to do repeated rounds of offices for routine work should the proposal get passed by the Centre. “If this anti-people proposal of the Chief Minister is implemented then the administrative expense on the three proposed corporations will increase by about Rs.1,000 crore and this amount would have to be borne by the residents of Delhi through high taxes,” he said.

Mr. Gupta said the idea to divide the MCD is flawed on several counts. “At present, the Corporation is divided into 12 zones where all the works connected with the people are done. According to the provisions of the MCD Act every zonal office is a mini corporation in its area. With this arrangement the administration of MCD is already centralised and the people get the service at their doorsteps,” he said.

“Due to the trifurcation of MCD, the new Corporations will become financially weak because the expenditure will be more than the revenue, especially in the East Delhi zone which is still backward,” he said, adding that the “reason for this is that the tax collection by the MCD is very nominal as against the expenditure incurred by it”.

So, the senior BJP leader said, in the event of a division of the MCD, “either the taxes will have to be increased or the development work will almost stop because at present the rest of MCD zones make up the expenditure on development in East Delhi area”.

As for the other consequences, Mr. Gupta said development of certain areas, like East Delhi, could also suffer and this would adversely impact the residents there.

  • “Administrative expense on three proposed corporations will increase by about Rs.1,000 crore”
  • “Corporations will become financially weak because expenditure will be more than the revenue”