Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: “Justice is not the prerogative of the rich and the powerful. It has to be available to all alike. The police are the first point of contact with the justice mechanism and have an important role to play in restoring a sense of justice to children. It is important to turn our words into action and reach out to all irrespective of economic strata,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Delhi) H.G.S Dhaliwal at a two-day training programme that was organised at the Indian Social Institute here to sensitise the Delhi police force to the tenets of the Juvenile Justice Act.

The programme was jointly organised by the Special Police Unit for Women and Children and HAQ: Centre for Child Rights for the Delhi Police officers.

Co-director of HAQ Bharti Ali said: “The Juvenile Justice Act is an important law. An informed and competent police force is the key to its successful implementation. Hence the decision by the Delhi Police to undertake such a training programme is a commendable effort.”

The two-day workshop, which concluded on Saturday, covered all aspects of juvenile justice both with regard to children in conflict with the law and children in need of care and protection.

Such training programmes are organised at the behest of the Monitoring Committee on Juvenile Justice of the Delhi High Court to ensure the proper implementation of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2000.

The participants were presented certificates. A handbook for stakeholders on “working with children in need of care and protection and in conflict with the law”, published by NGO Pratidhi, was also released on the occasion.