In an attempt to reduce the global impact of chronic non-communicable diseases one community at a time, non-government organisation Arogya World launched the framework for its ‘Healthy Schools and Healthy Workplace-Seal of Approval” here on Thursday.

The programme has been developed in partnership with HRIDAY-SHAN, Centre for Chronic Disease Control (CCDC) and Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), all prominent Delhi-based public health organisations.

As part of the programme, schools and workplaces in India will be invited to participate in this initiative and will be recognised for their health promotion efforts.

Taking diabetes head on

Arogya World Founder Dr. Nalini Saligram said: “We have taken on the huge challenge of tackling chronic diseases such as diabetes in India head on. The ‘Seals of Approval' is a pivotal part of Arogya World's India programme and we believe it will motivate schools and workplaces to promote better health and build momentum for a health movement in the country.''

HRIDAY-SHAN senior director Dr. Monika Arora said: “Behaviours get etched at an early age and health promotion in schools provide a conducive environment to adopt healthy lifestyle practices during the formative years, which can have a lasting and lifelong effect on individuals and their families. Youth engagement benefits young people not just at individual level but also empowers them to become change agents to influence community behaviours as well.''

Stating that there is compelling evidence that exercise, diet and avoiding tobacco can prevent serious non-communicable diseases like diabetes which is reaching pandemic proportions in the country, head of CCDC Dr. Prabhakaran said: “Schools and work places are an ideal platform for such public health interventions.”

Arogya World is also organising an event on November 14, World Diabetes Day, at Dilli Haat to create public awareness on diabetes and its prevention. Experts will be there to answer the questions.