Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Delhi University is aiming to make the admission process easier and more student-friendly during the coming new academic year. The authorities plan to do this by improving the quality of application forms and the information bulletins to be distributed to admission seekers.

"We will be updating our information bulletins. This time there will be more information on the eligibility criteria for various academic courses. Students will get to know in advance if they are required to take an entrance examination or interview for getting selected to a particular course," says S. K. Vij, Dean of Students' Welfare.

To avoid any confusion about location of colleges, the University will come out with a more comprehensive map giving details like the distance of various institutions from a central point in the Capital.

"The students should know how near or far the college that they want to get into is from their residence. The map will be printed in the information bulletin itself," Mr. Vij added.