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Also denies that Bharti's relations with her brother Vikas Yadav were strained

NEW DELHI: Continuing her deposition in the Nitish Katara murder case, Bharti Yadav's sister Bhawna on Wednesday told a Delhi court that her sister and Nitish did not share a relationship close enough to culminate in marriage.

Replying to queries from the prosecution about photographs of Nitish and Ms. Bharti in which they appeared to be very close, Ms. Bhawna told the court of Additional Sessions Judge Ravinder Kaur that her sister had similar photographs with other friends. This could establish that her sister did not have any special relationship with Nitish, she told the court.

Ms. Bhawna also told the court that she could produce these photographs in the court if they were not exposed to the media.

The court has asked her to bring the photographs on March 30.

During her deposition, Ms. Bhawna also denied that Ms. Bharti's relations with her brother Vikas Yadav, the prime accused in the case, were strained due to her alleged closeness to Nitish.

Earlier, Ms. Bhawna had denied making phone calls to Nitish's mother Neelam Katara after he went missing on the evening of February 16, 2002, and also the following day.


She also denied that she was carrying her mobile phone when she went to attend the wedding of Shivani Gaur, a common friend, at Kavi Nagar in Ghaziabad from where Nitish went missing.

The mobile phone she was seen carrying in the video footage of the wedding belonged to her friend, she had told the court.

Ms. Bhawna's deposition had been getting postponed since January for one reason or the other. On many occasions she did not appear citing ill health. The prosecution has examined Ms. Bhawna because from the time Nitish went missing, there were 17 calls made from her number to Ms. Katara's mobile phone indicating that either she or her sister was in touch with Nitish's mother.