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NEW DELHI: Delhi Police “encounter specialist” Rajbir Singh was allegedly gunned down by his old friend Vijay Bhardwaj in neighbouring Gurgaon on Monday night over a whopping Rs.95 lakh that the property dealer owed him, investigations so far have revealed.

“Interrogation of the accused has revealed that he owed Rs.95 lakh to the deceased police officer and it was the apparent delay in making the payment that soured their relations and culminated in the murder of Rajbir Singh,” said Joint Commissioner of Police (Gurgaon) Manjit Singh Ahlawat addressing a press conference on Wednesday.

‘Not pre-meditated’

Asked whether more than one person was involved in the murder, Mr. Ahlawat said investigations so far had not indicated any conspiracy. “Going by the interrogation of the accused, the murder seems to have been committed on impulse. The argument over monetary dispute between the two took a violent turn and the accused probably whipped out the revolver and opened fire at the police officer in a fit of rage. It does not seem pre-meditated.”

However, some police officers investigating the case have not completely ruled out the conspiracy angle. “Though investigations so far have not indicated the presence of a third person in the office of the property dealer at the time of murder, people are being questioned before the conspiracy angle is completely ruled out. It is possible that Bhardwaj was part of a larger conspiracy to eliminate the officer,” said a Gurgaon Police officer on condition of anonymity.

Police team for Kanpur

Contrary to the police version that three bullets were fired at the police officer, post-mortem has revealed that the victim sustained only two bullet injuries. The police have recovered two spent cartridges and as many live cartridges in the revolver used to commit the murder.

A police team has also been despatched to Kanpur to ascertain the ownership of the revolver allegedly used in the crime. “The revolver was found to have been made in Kanpur. A team has been sent there to ascertain the ownership and how the weapon landed in the hands of the accused,” said Mr. Ahlawat.

Bhardwaj had claimed that Rajbir gave him the revolver a couple of days earlier for security as he had to collect a huge sum of money realised through a property deal.