The New Delhi Municipal Council's act of setting up barricades opposite PVR Plaza on Thursday did not find favour with traders at Connaught Place who felt the barricading had narrowed down the road to a single lane. After protesting that it would hamper their business, the barricades were finally removed, according to New Delhi Traders' Association (NDTA) president Atul Bhargawa,

The civic body maintained that the barricades were part of the process to re-start the redevelopment work of CP.

NDMC spokesperson Anand Tiwari said: “They were put up on a trail basis and had to be removed in any case, even if the traders had not protested. The barricades were put by the NDMC as an experiment. After further experiments, work may begin over the weekend.”

The traffic police on Monday had said that they would create diversions in CP so that the work could res-start.

Meanwhile following commencement of the redevelopment work in Connaught Place , the NDTA has said that it would ensure that the shopping centre does not turn into a traffic and construction mess like before.

According to the NDMC, the remaining works to be taken up now mainly include construction of four new sub-ways at Panchukian Road and Barakhamba Road and construction of the underground utility services tunnel in Middle Circle.