The number of prosecutions for traffic violations in Gurgaon has increased by over 100 per cent in the first quarter of the year as compared to the corresponding period in the previous year. This, the Gurgaon Police claim, has happened due to their efforts to bring down the number of fatalities on the roads.

As per the figures for the first quarter of the year, the Traffic Police have prosecuted 92,521 people till March 31 compared to 45,945 for the corresponding period last year.

Though the prosecutions for almost all major categories of traffic violations have gone up, the traffic police have been more vigilant against violation of High Court directions on vehicles ferrying school children, tinted glasses, triple-riding, non-adherence to traffic lanes, use of mobile phone while driving and jumping of traffic signal.

Significantly, the number of prosecutions of vehicles ferrying school children has increased to 7,380 compared to 3,944 the previous year. “A special emphasis has been laid on violations by vehicles ferrying school children. The most common violations have been of drivers not wearing the uniform or driving without the mandatory five-year experience. In some cases, the conductor was found behind the steering wheel or the vehicle did not have the permit to ferry school children. Also there were instances of vehicles not being equipped with a first-aid box or a fire extinguisher,” said Joint Commissioner of Police (Gurgaon) Maheshwar Dayal.

The number of prosecutions for under-age driving, dangerous U-turns and wrong parking has gone down and the number of drunken driving cases has increased marginally. Explaining the trend, Mr. Dayal said: “It is not as if we are soft on these violations, but the number of such cases has gone down. The special drive against underage drivers in the wake of the BMW accident last year created awareness and the number of such cases has gone down as well. Similarly, a sustained drive against drunken driving has helped in containing the menace.”

Besides prosecuting wrong-doers, the traffic police now plan to enforce single-lane driving among the truck drivers plying on the highway. “We have constructed many slip-roads over the past one year and removed several roundabouts to smoothen the traffic flow. We are also doing away with the Netaji Subhash Chowk on Sohna Road for better traffic movement,” said Mr. Dayal.