From Kerala’s ‘Avial’ to Egypt’s ’Arabian Knightz’ and Chattisgarh’s ‘Bastar Band’ to Ireland’s Bob Geldof, a myriad of unique and diverse artists are coming together to create a platform to experience a day of non-stop music from around the world here.

Noted musicians and artists who have been giving voices on various social and political issues, will use their ‘activist music’ to celebrate the right to freedom of expression and to spread the awareness on various issues through music, art and poetry.

Artist-cum-activists like Irish singer Bob Geldof noted for his activism especially in Africa, the duo ‘Loknaad’ and contemporary indie rock band ‘Indian Ocean’ are some of the voices at the ‘Sounds of Freedom’ (SOF) Festival on March 23.

“Most of our songs are either related to the corrupt system or the peoples’ agony in daily lives. It talks about the discrepancy in the system. Our last gig in Delhi was in 2008 and now performing here after a long time means our home coming,” says vocalist Tony John from ‘Avial’ band.

Tony feels that his band’s music is best suited for the festival, and Delhi is the best ground for ‘activist music’

The Indian alternative rock band from Thiruvananthapuram, which depicts a common man’s plight in Kerala, have lined up tracks like ‘Aranda’ and ‘Nada Nada’ which speaks of the message of walking alone. — PTI