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No new toilet complex built in last 3 years

Maintenance given to a ‘blacklisted’ company

NEW DELHI: The Leader of Opposition in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, J. K. Sharma, has alleged that the ruling BJP in the civic body is “neglecting” provision of basic civic amenities to the Capital’s citizens.

Addressing a conference here over the weekend, Mr. Sharma said though the BJP had been in power for three years now, it had not constructed even a single new toilet or urinal complex. Even the existing complexes were suffering from callous neglect.

“The MCD is spending about Rs.2,500 crore on projects relating to the Commonwealth Games but no funds have been earmarked for construction of public toilets,” he added.

Mr. Sharma also alleged that the BJP was trying to hand over the existing toilets to a “blacklisted” firm.

“The company was blacklisted in January 2007 for poor maintenance of toilets and it went to the Delhi High Court. Under Court order, the firm is being given a hearing by the MCD. However, the BJP is putting pressure to remove it from the black list,” he added.

Mr. Sharma also claimed that as per information provided in the MCD Standing Committee in March 2006 there were 1,963 toilet complexes in the Capital but as per information provided in response to a query under the Right to Information Act in February 2009, the number is 1,553 and no explanation has been provided for the decrease.