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A photography exhibition brings 25 world heritage sites in Mexico to Delhi

NEW DELHI: Instituto Cervantes is hosting a photography exhibition of the world heritage sites in Mexico at its Hanuman Road premises here.

The exhibition, which opened on Monday and is on view up to January 31, showcases photographs of 25 sites recognised by UNESCO in Mexico. They include the archaeological zone of Monte Alban (Oaxaca), the pre-Hispanic cities of Teoltihuacan (State of Mexico), Xochimilco (Mexico City), Sian Ka’an (Quintana Roo), Fortune Teller pyramid (City Uxmal), Tajin (Veracruz) and the Luis Barragan house and studio (Mexico City) among others.

The 1972 UNESCO Convention for protection of world cultural and natural heritage is aimed at preserving the creative works of human genius of “outstanding value” as well as sites of natural value, high biological diversity and natural beauty. This distinction gives Mexico a special responsibility to protect its world heritage sites for future generations.

Inaugurating the exhibition, Mexican Ambassador Jaime Nualart said UNESCO declared 29 sites in Mexico as world heritage sites. “In this exhibition we are showcasing 25 pictures of world heritage sites. Mexico is No. 3 in cities catalogued as world heritage sites in America. It is not only the responsibility of Mexico to conserve and protect the monuments, landscape and artistic beauty but of the entire humanity.”

According to Instituto Cervantes director Oscar Pujol, the exhibition is aimed at showcasing the Hispaniac culture. “I hope Delhiites are able to find a connection with Indian heritage sites and Spanish archaeological heritage.”

Mexico is one of the 162 States that currently adhere to the World Heritage Convention. The images were taken by independent travel photographers Ignacio Guevara, Alberto Moreno, Oscar Alvarez, Carlos Sanchez Pereyra, Claudio Contreras Koob and Rafael Doniz.