District administration notice to builders to use only treated sewage water

All construction activity has been stalled in Gurgaon till the builders make arrangements to use recycled water from the Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) of Dhanwapur or Behrampur.

The district administration has sent notices to 81 builders in this regard asking them to stop construction immediately till they produce a confirmation from the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA), Gurgaon, to the effect that they are no more extracting ground water and would use recycled water from an STP of HUDA or any other source approved by HUDA for construction purposes.

Financial Commissioner & Principal Secretary (Town & Country Planning) S. S. Dhillon on Saturday visited the local Golf Course Extension Road and conducted random checks at some construction sites along with Deputy Commissioner P. C. Meena, HUDA Administrator Praveen Kumar and other senior officials. At almost all the places, the construction was found stopped.

Mr. Dhillon said that in compliance of the orders of the Punjab & Haryana High Court, the builders who have obtained licence from the Town & Country Department have been directed to make arrangements for recycled treated sewage water for construction purposes. He said HUDA would keep a record of treated water taken by each builder from its STP and whether it was sufficient to meet its needs. He said HUDA and MCG would provide primary and secondary treated sewage water and the builder would have to finally treat it (tertiary treatment) at the construction site before using it for construction purposes.

According to Mr. Dhillon, even supply of water from tankers at construction sites was prohibited because the entire Gurgaon district has been notified by the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA). He said now if any builder is found using underground water for construction purposes contempt of court proceedings will be initiated against him.

Mr. Meena said the district administration has constituted 25 teams for keeping vigil in their respective areas and to ensure that underground water is not used for construction purposes. Till August 20 this year, he added, as many as 634 illegal tube-wells were sealed and dismantled. After that, intensive checking was carried out which took the number of sealed and dismantled illegal borewells to 824. According to an estimate, about 150 million litres of sewage water is treated daily in Gurgaon. This includes 30 million litres a day (MLD) from Dhanwapur plant of MCG, 68 MLD from Dhanwapur STP of HUDA and 50 MLD from Behrampur STP of HUDA. The builders have now been left with no option but to make use of recycled water from these STPs at their construction sites.