Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Jamia Millia Islamia here has launched a new course in Indian Ocean Studies that will be located at the Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar Academy of Third World Studies. The Indian Ocean Studies programme is a multi-disciplinary course that will promote research and doctoral work at Jamia and foster academic exchanges with partner institutions here in India and abroad.

“The Indian Ocean is now emerging as a major unit of study in both national and international universities. The level and depth of academic research on the area warrants the support of a programme at our University. Identifying Indian Ocean Studies as an emerging priority is an expression of our commitment to stronger and deeper South-South relations and to supporting new shifts in the study of the Indian Ocean,” said Rakhshanda Jalil, Director of Media and Culture at Jamia.

Multi-disciplinary deliberations

“From being the terrain of historians, the ocean has now become a major site for multi-disciplinary deliberations drawing in sociologists and cultural studies scholars attempting to map their fields in the Indian Ocean. The course will support the emerging research and disseminate it via a network of national and international institutions through exchange programmes, collaborative research, colloquia and workshops,” she added.

The programme will support research under the following categories: Connections between India and the littoral countries of the Indian Ocean; Build an ethnographic data base on indigenous traditions; Study regimes of Diaspora in the Indian Ocean; Formation of a transnational public sphere encompassing the Indian Ocean; and Diaspora literature and building up a visual archive of material and cultural artefacts.

The course will assist scholars with fundraising and institutional collaboration with partner institutions.

The programme also intends to forge links with Jawaharlal Nehru University and Society for Indian Ocean Studies, New Delhi, and Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai. It hopes to liaise with the Indian Navy and the Department of Geography at University of Mumbai.