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To be identified on the basis of prescribed criteria, says Delhi Finance Minister A.K. Walia

Criteria: Those who have not faced any enforcement action in the past five years

Those against whom no appeal is pending as on the date of selection

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Government’s Department of Trade and Taxes is all set to launch a “Dealer Scheme-2009” that will ensure that “good dealers” are not subjected to any inspection or survey without approval of the Commissioner of the Department.

The announcement was made by Finance Minister A. K. Walia on Monday while addressing members of the VAT Advisory Committee at the third meeting of the panel.

Elaborating on the scheme, Dr. Walia said good dealers would be identified on the basis of a prescribed criteria and given a certificate and memento by the Chief Minister or the Finance Minister. Only those dealers would be considered “good” who have not faced any enforcement action in the past five years and against whom no appeal is pending as on the date of selection.

Also, in order to meet the criterion, there should be no case of late filing of returns against the dealers and they should have registered 5 per cent higher tax growth rate than the average growth in the sector continuously for the last three years.

The Minister expressed confidence that implementation of the scheme would increase the confidence in the trading community. Since it would be enforced in a number of sectors, he said the scheme would take care of the needs of traders in Delhi have substantially contributed in making VAT successful despite its implementation on April 1, 2005, coming amid uncertainties and fears.

Dr. Walia pointed out that as against a collection of Rs.8,500 crore last year, Rs.6,080 crore have been collected this fiscal that indicates a growth of 10.8 per cent.

Along with increase in revenue, he lauded the Department of Trade and Taxes for adopting a fair and friendly approach towards the traders by not undertaking any raids during festive seasons.

Moreover, he said, the Department had strengthened its computer system and made online submission of forms feasible to help establish transparency and overcome malpractices.

At the meeting attended by Principal Secretary (Finance) V.V. Bhat and Commissioner Trade and Taxes Archna Arora a number of traders also made their suggestions. A presentation was also made by Additional the Commissioner in the Department.

Summing up the proceeding, Ms. Arora announced that the Department was upgrading its systems to enable it to implement submission of returns with digital signature.

She also announced that from now onwards all forms would be sent to the traders by courier so that their frequent visits to the Department could be curtailed.