Mandira Nayar

NEW DELHI: There will be plenty of more dates to add to this winter's social calendar in the New Year. Bringing alive the vibrant colours of Hungary, it will be a season to discover the various aspects of this small country from music to literature.

While Hungary and India have shared many links, most Delhiites are still quite clueless about its rich tradition. And making sure that the cultural hub of the country has a good taste of the art scene in Hungary, the Hungarian Cultural Centre here has a festival dedicated to Béla Bartók, the great Hungarian composer of the 20th Century, on the occasion of his 125th birth anniversary.

Kicking off the festival on a musical note this coming Sunday, there will be performance by the Hungarian Festival String Quartet, which comprises members of the New Haydn Quartet, the Kodály Quartet and the Auer Quartet. Widely rated as the best in the chamber music tradition in the country, they have travelled to the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the Far East. Making their presence felt in India, the Hungarian Festival String Quartet will bring audiences music not only by well-known Hungarian composers like Kodály, Bartók, Weiner and Dohnányi but also other stalwarts of the Western music tradition like Mozart.

Celebrating creativity

Celebrating creativity in all its forms, there will also be splashes of colour by highly acclaimed Hungarian artistes as well as the favourite "desi" way of travelling: movies. There will be a screening of the Hungarian nominee for the Oscars, "Fateless", which is based on the novel by the Nobel Prize winner writer Imre Kertész.

An attempt to forage stronger bonds, the festival will be inaugurated by Hungarian Minister of Cultural Heritage Andras Bozóki. Union Minister for Urban Development and Culture Jaipal Reddy will be the chief guest.