Celebrated Hindi author Krishna Sobti is known for her individual, stylised and very-hard-to-replicate-in-another-language kind of work.

And this past week one of her books, "Dil-o-Danish", translated into "The Heart Has Its Reasons" in English by Reema Anand and Meenakshi Swami of Katha, won the Hutch Crossword Award-2005 in the Indian Language Fiction Translation category.

Speaking about her work, Ms. Sobti -- who returned to Delhi recently after receiving the award -- said: "I am among the writers who have seen India in its pre-Independence, Partition and post-Independence eras and these great changes that our country has been through have left us very rich in terms of life experiences and that gets reflected in our work."

"Writing is about putting together knowledge of the language and imaginative use of an idea.

The written word is very different from the spoken language and vision is important while dealing with the presentation of an idea.

A book is a very democratic entity because every printed word is important and has a standing of its own.

The words exist together as a strong unit, however, even then they aren't without their individuality," she added.

As for the present generation of writers, Ms. Sobti said: "Writers have come of age. While prior to Independence writers were huge activists, formulating opinions with their pens, somewhere in between they lost that soul. But today I feel very positive about the new breed. At times they are far better than their predecessors." -- Bindu Shajan Perappadan