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No student from these schools in Delhi has failed in this year's CBSE Class XII exams

NEW DELHI: A changed approach towards academics in the Delhi Government-run schools seems to have paid off handsomely with some outstanding performances by students of the prestigious 14 Pratibha Vidyalayas who have outdone the public schools in the Class XII results announced by the Central Board of Secondary Education earlier this week. Not only have these schools set a new record with not a single student failing in the examinations, they have also raced past the public schools in terms of pass percentage.

Registering an overall pass percentage of 99, these schools have come out with flying colours holding high the flag of the State Education Department.

They have recorded a 5 per cent higher result than the public schools with a pass percentage of 99 compared to 94 per cent of the public schools. In addition, while there has been a decline in the overall pass percentage in public schools and Kendriya Vidyalayas, the Government schools have recorded a higher pass percentage than last year. Compared to the pass percentage of 76.44 last year, the Government schools have recorded a pass percentage of 78.05.

Government-aided schools have done better with a pass percentage of 76.57 against 75 last year, a performance that received appreciation even from the CBSE Chairman.

Stating that things have undergone a change during the last few years, Delhi Education Minister Arvinder Singh Lovely said it was all due to the efforts of the school teachers and officials of the Education Department that the Government and aided schools had come out with such a splendid performance.

He said at present there were 14 Pratibha Vidyalayas in Delhi but the Government planned to open two schools each in every district in the coming years.

Mr. Lovely said teachers and principals whose schools have done well would get posting of their preference as a reward for this performance.

Asserting that compared to last year when eight schools had recorded zero per cent results, Mr. Lovely said not a single school this year had recorded a zero per cent result.

Mr. Lovely said that in overall Government schools performance, Chandigarh has been placed at No.1 position with Delhi at No.2.

However, compared to 6,000 students who took the examination in Chandigarh, the number of students who appeared for the Class XII examinations stood at 60,538. Keeping in mind the enormous numbers of children appearing in Delhi, the performance was very good.

Attributing the increase in overall pass percentage and outstanding results of Pratibha Vidyalayas to the various steps taken during the last two years, Mr. Lovely said the adoption of the unit test method system, extra coaching classes, teachers' training programme and re-deployment of the teaching staff were the major contributors.

"The results have proved that if provided with adequate infrastructure, proper teachers and perfect academic environment, students of the Government schools are also no less intelligent and sharp than their counterparts in Government schools."