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NEW DELHI: To celebrate Earth Day, the American Center in association with Kriti Film Club and Swechha is hosting an exhibition of pictures by national award winning photographer Andre Jeanpierre Fanthome that opened at its Kasturba Gandhi Marg premises here on Wednesday.

Titled “32 Fahrenheit”, the exhibition that runs till June end celebrates the beauty and majesty of the Alaskan glaciers and their fragility in the face of global warming. Fanthome shot the pictures during his visits to Alaska, capturing the scars left by the warming weather.

Appeal photos

Fanthome’s works have been recognised for their poetry, vivid colours, compositions and stark depictions. He was awarded the “National Academy Award for Visual Art” by Lalit Kala Akademi this year.

Having travelled across the planet and captured its majestic beauty on camera since 1999, every photograph for Fanthome is a deliberate and often an emotionally charged reaction. He is a photographer of the old school, believing that every photograph carries with it a responsibility, not to the viewers but to the moment being captured.

Fanthome’s first photographs came off a Zenith 122 camera in 1999 while he was still an under-graduate at St. Stephen’s College. Since then he has travelled to 25 countries over five continents, capturing images all over the globe, from New Zealand to Alaska.

He hopes that one day he will teach photography in India and give youngsters an opportunity to discover the power and excitement of the medium, something he discovers afresh every time he points his lens in a new direction.

On the inaugural day, a film “The 11th Hour” that has been produced and narrated by Leonardo Di Caprio was screened.