We demand....

The Delhi Chief Minister has graciously announced that the Government will respond if people make demands.

As residents of a cooperative group housing society at Patparganj and concerned citizens of Delhi we make the following demands :(1) The lids of garbage bins that grace the entrance to every group housing society in East Delhi's IP Extension area be immediately repaired. They are broken in most cases, missing in some due to bad handling by the garbage collection crew. With the rains here, these bins will begin to stink and, worse, provide ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. (2) Something be done immediately to remove the muck that has been lifted from storm water drains but deposited on roads and pavements in the I.P. Extension area. The muck stinks and is a serious public health hazard. (3) Something be done about the multiplying population of stray dogs and cattle in the area. (4) Again, something be done to control the hawkers and rickshaw pullers who have taken over the pavements and roads making it difficult for pedestrians to walk. (5) The roads are repaired.

The residents of East Delhi will be grateful if action is taken -- and fast.

T.N. Madan,

President, Sah Vikas CGHS,

68 I.P. Extension,

Delhi - 110 092.

Hello, CBSE....

Reports have appeared in newspapers recently that the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) has discontinued the practice of recommending private publishers' textbooks in different subjects, including their Hindi editions, at the senior secondary level from the academic session 2005-2006. The CBSE has not explained the reasons for discontinuing this practice and for issuing this belated statement in the last week of June 2006, which should have been circulated well before the start of the academic session 2005-2006 -- that is, in March 2005 at the latest.

It raises many questions as people have spent crores of rupees on buying these unauthorised textbooks published by private publishers during the period April 2005 to May 2006. This smacks of a scandal and conspiracy against the students enacted by the CBSE and other authorities concerned.

There is an urgent need for transparency in the matter. The CBSE must spell out the real reasons behind this unprecedented move. How can the CBSE expect the students to appear at the examinations to be held in 2007 without studying standard textbooks? There is a need to unravel the mystery. Let the cat be out of the bag.

Sudarshan Kumar Kapur,

660/10, Krishna Colony,

Gurgaon - 122 001.


I live in Pul Pahlad Pur, Suraj Kund Road, where every day is a power crisis day with load-shedding at odd hours. Every night the electricity goes off after 1 a.m. and then again during daytime. This is a grave problem what with the mercury soaring to 40 degrees Celsius and above.

BSES is very punctual when it comes to collection of bills. A notice of a grace period of 15 days is sent, and failure to pay the bill within that deadline leads to disconnection of power supply. But they do not bother at all about the problems faced by the consumers due to the load-shedding at odd hours.

Kirti Paliwal,

504, D.D.A. Janata Flats,

Pul Pahlad Pur,

Suraj Kund Road,

New Delhi - 110 044.

Need of the hour

In my letter in these columns last week ("Let NET stay", July 3) I did not mean to talk about whether NET should be abolished or not. What I meant to say was that there is a much larger problem hidden underneath. The number of teaching jobs at the college level is dwindling. When there are no avenues of employment, then being qualified for NET or not would hardly make a difference. After teaching on an ad hoc basis, research scholars struggle from pillar to post to find work. The need of the hour is to ensure that there are enough vacancies for all eligible candidates. Once we have ensured this, then we can argue whether NET should be abolished or not.

Amna Mirza,

M.A. (Final), Political Science,

Hindu College,

University of Delhi,

Delhi - 110 007.

Still waiting

Even after the publication of my complaint, "Pitampura waiting", in these columns (May 29), Indraprastha Gas Limited has not bothered to release the piped gas connection they had promised to provide at my residence by May or June.

They should act upon their promise at once now or refund the booking amount of Rs. 500 that they collected from me in early March this year.

Sailen Basu,

NU-99A, Pitampura,

Delhi-110 034.

Fake certificates

The report titled "Colleges to guard against fake certificates" (June 30) zeroes in only on the universities of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. I admit that certificates from such universities are not trustworthy, but what is the proof that certificates from other States are?


B. Com (Honours), 2nd Year,

Maharaja Agrasen College,

Mayur Vihar Phase I,

Delhi - 110 091.

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