Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) was witness to angry protests on Monday evening by residents of Chandrabhaga hostel demanding more single rooms for Ph.D. and M.Phil. students in the hostel. Students also blocked the North Gate of the campus for some time in an attempt to draw the attention of the administration.

"All other hostels have 33 per cent single rooms. However, in Chandrabhaga it is only 10 per cent. We have written to the Dean of Students' Welfare many times demanding that the same rule apply for Chandrabhaga. We have also demanded that there be no further allotments in the hostel as there won't be any space for us. The JNU Students' Union has promised to support us now and will hold a meeting with Dean of Students' Welfare on Tuesday,"'said Sharad, a resident of Chandrabhaga.

Not the first time that the issue has been raised, the students held another protest two days ago demanding that the number of single rooms be increased in their hostel.

"It was only a small incident. Old students have been demanding that we increase the number of single rooms in the hostel. We have to first accommodate the new students who have taken admission, otherwise we will lose the national character of the University,'' said Dean of Students' Welfare R.K. Kale.